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STORA, Your Eyes And Ears *

STORA is a non-profit organisation that was founded by NIRAS and the municipality of Dessel in order to look after the interests of the local community and monitor all nuclear activity in the region. Several nuclear companies are located in Dessel and all of the Belgian radioactive waste is being processed and temporarily stored there.

On behalf of the entire community, STORA is keeping an eye on all this nuclear activity, including the various kinds of radioactive waste that are being transported, processed and stored. Preliminary or 'temporary' storage of both high- and low level waste has been going on for several decades. Since 2006 there is also a project underway for final disposal of the low level waste.

  • The municipality of Dessel was a potential candidate for a final disposal site of low-level and short-lived waste, a project that has been developed by STORA's predecessor, ‘STOLA’. In June 2006 the federal government decided that a surface disposal site will be built in Dessel. In this new phase NIRAS is developing an integrated disposal project – the technical disposal site plus the local conditions - together with STORA  to come to a binding agreement that states the rights and duties of all parties concerned. STORA will keep monitoring the project.
  • STORA offers the residents of Dessel an opportunity to learn about the intermediate- and high-level waste that is present in the municipality.
  • STORA informs the people of Dessel about all the nuclear activities that are going on in the region.

One of STORA's major objectives is to involve the population of Dessel in these nuclear matters. The people in Dessel have a right to be informed about the nuclear activities taking place within their municipality.

On this website, you can read more about STORA's composition and objectives. Before STORA (°2005), there was the ‘STOLA’ association in Dessel (1999-2005). STOLA had to investigate whether if it would be technically feasible and socially acceptable for the people of Dessel for Belgian low-level waste to be disposed of in the municipality. More information about the project, about the municipality of Dessel and its nuclear history can be found here.

DIGICAT filmpjes

Op DIGICAT vind je filmpjes over berging laagradioactief afval én over Dessel.