Although it receives a working budget from ONDRAF/NIRAS (the national institution that is responsible for the management of Belgian radioactive waste), STORA is an independent association. STORA puts the interest of the residents of Dessel first.

To do this as optimally as possible, STORA's General Assembly of STORA is composed of 20 different associations and organisations that are active in Dessel: social-cultural associations (e.g. youth council, cultural council, environmental council, …), economic associations (e.g. large companies, union of independent employers, syndicates) and the locally active political parties. Also ONDRAF/NIRAS, which is responsible for the management of Belgian radioactive waste, is a member of STORA.

Besides the General Assembly and the Management Board, there are also active working groups in STORA. Representatives of the organisations of Dessel, as well as the interested residents of Dessel, form part of these working groups.

There is a working group concerning ‘Follow up of the disposal site’, a working group ‘Radioactive Waste’ and a working group concerning ‘Communication’.

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