STORA has been established with the objective of involving local residents in the management of the radioactive waste that is being transported, processed, stored on the municipality’s territory, and which possibly in the future will be disposed of there.

In the first place, STORA monitors the low-level waste disposal file and the disposal project that STOLA-Dessel has developed (approved by the local Dessel Council on 27/01/2005). Also for other aspects of radioactive waste management(including high-level waste) and other nuclear activities on the nuclear site of Mol-Dessel-Geel, STORA is both a forum and a sounding board.

STORA keeps the population of Dessel informed about all these affairs and formulates advice with a view to municipal policy.

STORA also keeps in touch with regional, national and international organisations or companies and if necessary and if possible, STORA collaborates with them.

STORA and the disposal of low-level and short-lived waste

STORA profiles itself as “rank and file” and a sounding board to which regular reports are delivered about the state of affairs of low-level and short-lived waste disposal, future developments and prospects. STORA compares this with the original STOLA project and ensures that both the technical and the social part of the STOLA project remain relevant, or whether they need to be refined.

In June 2006 the federal government decided that the Belgian low-level and short-lived waste will be disposed of in a surface disposal on Dessel territory. Since then, STORA follows the elaboration of the disposal project by ONDRAF/NIRAS and the execution of the STOLA project as far as the technical and social part and the essential pre-conditions are concerned. STORA will monitor the implementation of the project and will keep an eye on the interests of the residents of Dessel.

This is a video on the disposal site in Dessel (in French):

STORA and the high-level and long-lived waste

It has historically developed that the core of the problems relating to high-level and long-lived waste in Belgium is to found in the municipality of Dessel and the neighbouring municipality of Mol: vitrified high-level waste is being stored at Belgoprocess in Dessel and in Mol, SCK-CEN and NIRAS are doing research into the underground disposal of high-level waste in a clay stratum.

Therefore, STORA wants to monitor every aspect of the management of this high-level waste in the area. This can relate to the transport, the processing, the temporary storage, the licenses and the current research on disposal.

DIGICAT filmpjes

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