Belgian low-level and short-lived waste: does it belong in Dessel? An integrated disposal project with technical and social implications.
November 2004

Belgian low-level and short-lived waste is currently being stored in the municipality of Dessel. Can it find a permanent home there under certain conditions? That is the question the Dessel community needed to tackle in STOLA. The answer can be found in this final report of the STOLA partnership.

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Radioactive waste management essentials: involvement, local participation and integration
January 2006

Paper on the way in which the waste management company in Belgium turned around its programme for the disposal of low-level short-lived waste, to include the local stakeholders in the decision making process. As a result, local partnerships were established with the municipalities of the possible repository sites. This paper follows the working of such a local partnership, “STOLA”, up to the integrated project for the disposal site that was worked out and the request for a continued stakeholder involvement on all nuclear matters in the region concerned.

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The cAt-masterplan
March 2010

In this first version of the masterplan the differents parts of the disposal project, including the social and local conditions are worked out.

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DIGICAT filmpjes

Op DIGICAT vind je filmpjes over berging laagradioactief afval én over Dessel.